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One of my last Paintings: Titled” Underneath the Wreakage I found Pearls


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Fathers Day 2011



                              I remember spending time with you before you died, an old man with dementia. For a  person who hurt me so much you would have thought that I simply would not have showed up. But I did . It was not forgiveness but my way of acting on behalf of a core value of mine,  That I simply didn’t have it in me  to hurt you back or waste my  valuable time and life on revengeful things, that I was bigger than you .   I understand how precious  life is . So, with my Time  :   I felt it  were best placed into pursuing the  positive elements of  my life .

               Freedom is an inward journey.

              You were  truly a mystery man. A troubled Man.  A sick man .   A man with secrets that I will  remember for my own life time.

              This note is not to wish you a happy fathers day. Perhaps in the place where you are , you have been able to find some kind of peace.   I am still seeking mine.

                your daughter,





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