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Amazing !

Amazing !


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What do children do when they have nothing else left?  No one safe to turn to, No one to go and  tell , No one to protect them>,  No one to help them.

Imagine this:

My 14 yr old  brother N-

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kneeling in front of me , while I sit on his bed staring out the bedroom  window. Crying and Sobbing with his face all red, saying ” I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ”  over and over again. Lost in Guilt and Confusion/ not knowing how to stop himself.  N. turned to alcohol and heavy drugs ,  juvenile crime,  A teen cult

Imagine this:

My  17 yr old brother  has not stopped sexually abusing me and in desperation I went down stairs and stole a butter knife from the kitchen and hid it under  his bed. I remember


depressed / desperate . N was   was coming down from drugs&  When we were alone in his room,  I took out the knife from under the bed and tried to stab him. ”

Come on do it” he said laughing…

I was trying to save myself and he had nothing to live for.

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