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Amazing !

Amazing !


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What do children do when they have nothing else left?  No one safe to turn to, No one to go and  tell , No one to protect them>,  No one to help them.

Imagine this:

My 14 yr old  brother N-

Requiem for a Dream

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kneeling in front of me , while I sit on his bed staring out the bedroom  window. Crying and Sobbing with his face all red, saying ” I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ”  over and over again. Lost in Guilt and Confusion/ not knowing how to stop himself.  N. turned to alcohol and heavy drugs ,  juvenile crime,  A teen cult

Imagine this:

My  17 yr old brother  has not stopped sexually abusing me and in desperation I went down stairs and stole a butter knife from the kitchen and hid it under  his bed. I remember


depressed / desperate . N was   was coming down from drugs&  When we were alone in his room,  I took out the knife from under the bed and tried to stab him. ”

Come on do it” he said laughing…

I was trying to save myself and he had nothing to live for.

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English: Participants at Occupy Montreal on Sa...

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It’s unusually warm here for Feb, 1  2012/ feels about 60 degrees at  8:16  in the morning. Starting from this last Sunday, I am fostering a small puppy  that was found in a dumpster.

I  joined the Nashville  Tn, Occupy  Movement about a  2 weeks after the Slut Walk.

Of Course, I am a Pacifist and  if there is any Violence on the side of the Occupy Movement in Nashville: I will take time to re-reconsider my involvement with them.

In the mean time, I find them to be good group of diverse  people.  Diversity has its challenges however, I believe that when diverse people  do come together in good faith for dialogue  good is always possible and growth is always the outcome.

I have been fortunate to have met the  Homeless People of Nashville in ways that is different from most opportunities. I have seen my self mirrored in parts of their stories and histories/herstories  and thru sharing parts of mine I have tried to mirror back to them that a good future awaits them.

It is an eye  opener to comprehend that here in the United States we have  young and homeless pregnant women and many homeless teens.

I have more to  write

but look  forward to  such a lovely sunny day !!




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 ” De-construct Language

as an act of Spiritual Rebellion”

William S. Burroughs

  ” Re-claim the dignity of you own experience”

Jack Kerouac

William S. Burroughs' final journal entry - LOVE

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I am singing  poetry of many voices/ Wilders , ” Our Town”/ ee cumming’s pretty how town/  Angelou and my very own coney island of the mind.

How is it that Language can be spoken here? Where it has been broken.

Did you hear me?   The sign on the door says, ” Language Broken Here”

Imperialism of the mind/ Colonization of the body

Tounges split

and twice removed

stand close to the

cellar door

and listen to the sounds of gurgles


WWhhh WWhhhhhhhhhhh




Oh Breath Maker !

come life !

become votive candles

flickering in reflection

calling out.


I stand here  stripped bare

singing poetry



——————————————– dc 2011

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That house on Cherry Lane

did you see


windows exploding

after all the dolls and teddy bears


the  cell doors free.

The sun rose in the basement

and the walls painted themselves the

fresh color of lemons

fresh pink


appeared on

the kitchen


Outside the  running dolls

have turned into butterflies.

I am

following them.


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Image by K. Sawyer Photography via Flickr

Was watching the local news  during the week , on a segment on the new techno Pick pockets. ( Picking pockets, identity theft with new technology)   and was remembering way back in the 60’s when my brother was training me to pick pockets up in his room. The Faster the better.  No one  suspect that  a child would  steal.

Me:  I just wanted love and attention even when it was negative.

If. N smoked cigarettes.. I smoked cigarettes. I felt tough and invisible with a cigarette hanging from my mouth, but the truth is I was just an  8 yr old little girl.

I do remember going into a store and stealing  beer for my brother and his friends.

and N. and his friends  broke into their parents houses to steal money for drugs.  On a few occasions I went with them.  (  why he brought me :  I don’t know,  just a crazy-warped  version of Baby-sitting for his baby sister )

This escalated to going down to the streets of NYC ,  It escalated in proportion to my brother ‘s growing drug addiction.


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