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Was watching the local news  during the week , on a segment on the new techno Pick pockets. ( Picking pockets, identity theft with new technology)   and was remembering way back in the 60’s when my brother was training me to pick pockets up in his room. The Faster the better.  No one  suspect that  a child would  steal.

Me:  I just wanted love and attention even when it was negative.

If. N smoked cigarettes.. I smoked cigarettes. I felt tough and invisible with a cigarette hanging from my mouth, but the truth is I was just an  8 yr old little girl.

I do remember going into a store and stealing  beer for my brother and his friends.

and N. and his friends  broke into their parents houses to steal money for drugs.  On a few occasions I went with them.  (  why he brought me :  I don’t know,  just a crazy-warped  version of Baby-sitting for his baby sister )

This escalated to going down to the streets of NYC ,  It escalated in proportion to my brother ‘s growing drug addiction.



Occupy Nashville


Last night was my second night  on Legislative Plaza with the Occupy Movement.  Much Colder than the night before and i felt it.   Stayed until 11pm\

The spirit of the movement is in the right place and as stated before the  level of organization is superb.

Other organizations are  joining.   I listened to the Immigrant and Refugee Coaltion member talk bout being undocumented in Nashville.  In Alabama the situation is draconian.

There is alot of momentum here and i can see that many folks may be waiting on the sides to see if there is a place at the table for them.

I must think on these things.

am planning to do research today on   Theater of the Oppressed , Politics and Democracy..

over and out,


The Courage to Heal

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I feel quite fortunate to have had the resources available to me at the time to continue my  recovery  journey for core issues.  Locally,  nothing was available to survivors of very  severe trauma on an in-patient basis.

With the assistance of a great therapist and studying the resources section of the original, ” Courage to Heal” by Laura Bass and Ellen Davis.  I made great headway in locating  a specialized treatment program in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I took a flying leap and went there via Greyhound  Bus.

            It was an incredible program and I can honestly say that it saved me.

It was there I met people , like myself who had survived the most  atrocious  things from all over the  Country and including ,  Canada.

 Other people who also had family members involved in the  Klan of the 60’s, survivors of  Human Trafficking,  Survivors of  Catholic Orphanage abuse by priests and Nuns,  Ritual Abuse by Off-shoot sects of the Mormon Church,  Ritual Abuse by  Jewish Hasidic  Groups,  people who had family members  from the Military.

   I could look into the face of a man whose  Mother tied him up into a chair and left him for hours  because my brothers friends had tied me up and left me on the floor of his bedroom. Alone.   Words didn’t have to be spoken.  I understood.

          The site of the Program was set up as a  Campus.

Mornings started with a walk to the Meeting House and then to the main building for Breakfast and then to Break-up Groups for the Morning, etc

They were big on experiential learning and had a huge  Ropes Course at the back.   They did  workshops on  coping with extreme flashbacks, etc. It was incredible.

Everything was holistic. No Coffee. No Caffeinated Beverages.  vegetarian Meals,  No T.V

It was the opportunity of a life-time and I was so fortunate to have gone there .

   I had  gone to CottonWood de Albquerque  for its programs for surviviors of extreme abuse  but it went under in 1992, however  another facility in Tuscon remained.  I noticed that  there is a Post traumatic stress program but don’t know if it is the same as the one that i attended.

CottonWood De Tuscon



  ”  Hope is a thing with Feathers”  

                                                       emily dickenson



I didn’t know what to title this post, it could have been the  , ”  The  Road to Wellville” ( silly)  or…. The Happiness Project ( some thing else) ,  but

The Happiness  Road/ Happiness is the Road   seemed to be  good  middle ground.

” Happiness” is not a  destination nor is ” Wellness” ( ?) some ending

recovery  point,  as if  both were  grand prizes  to be offered

after a long time of working on your stuff and in the mean time, the job is to

suffer along the way of healing.

It is true ( for me)  that healing requires  a  breaking of sorts.

Yes.  There has been anguish along the way.

 and  still   Happiness and Joy are found and experienced  on that  same path.

Joy and Happiness  and Peace   are a   Birthright.

Get on the Happiness Road and claim  your share of the Pie.
















We Need Your Voice to Stop Child Trafficking in Haiti.

Make it good !



      Good Morning !



Have been Busy.   Workmen in the House Painting.

Joining the   ”  Occupy ”  Movement with the ”  Occupy Nashville” Group.

Marching , Occupying and  doing street  theater.

Andy ( who does the ” I am convicted” Blog ”  is presently in N.Y.C with the

Occupy Wall Street Movement. . kudos.

Make it a  Happening.



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