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Thinking on the phrase, ”  Walking with Authenticity.” Living with Truth without closing the door and still having a good life.  I am a philosopher, at heart,  and tend to believe that if you’ve been to some very dark places in life, then becoming one would only  make  sense.  I have been very fortunate to have met others who have also been to some very dark places in their lives and have made a  good life for themselves.  It takes hard work  and a  very deep commitment.

When I was a kid: I said to myself that , ” I would grow up.”

When I was in my  mid 20’s I made a decision to ,  ” Have a good life and do what it took to get there.”

When I was in my 30’s I said to myself that, ” I would not become a statistic”


at 50 yrs of age ,  thanks to the determination of my childhood self,   I am alive.

In gratitude to my 20 something self  who made a commitment for a better tomorrow .  I live in that so wished of  and dreamed of space.

I am not a statistic. It’s just a normal  and average life.

and it is so sweet –




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