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re·in·vent  (rn-vnt)

tr.v. re·in·vent·ed, re·in·vent·ing, re·in·vents

1. To make over completely: “She reinvented Indian cooking to fit a Western kitchen and a Western larder” (Irene Sax).
2. To bring back into existence or use: reinvented the concept of neighborliness.


reinvent the wheel

1. To do something again, from the beginning, especially in a needless or inefficient effort: “School districts need not reinvent the wheel every time they try to improve their schools” (Washington Post).
2. To recast something familiar or old into a different form: “Call it reinventing the wheel or recasting old ideas, but these contemporary versions have a spirit and style all their own” (New York Times).
                                Thought I would look up the word  , ” reinvent” to see what the Dictionary  had to say on the word’s meaning. Thinking on how I was using the term and how I related to it.
I’m certainly not reinventing myself from scratch, with the exception of 
” sexuality”, which I did have to start from nothing. Being a Victim of Human Traffiking really messes one up and separates you from Normal Human Sexual Development.  In many ways I did go back to square one.
On another note,
” To recast the familiar into a different form”
  ” so that one can live with  the truth of one’s past , on a daily basis.”
 This is where the core of the work is done.
 Traffickers prefer to make their victims  very fearful.
Too Fearful to go and get help.  Create a fear of the Police
and other helping agencies.
Traffickers  prefer to  slowly and intentionally create  a relationship with thier victims  ,  in which they are dependent on them for everything. Food, The Bathroom, love , everything.
This last weekend I went into a store to shop , and a policeman was there doing
social media awareness.
I act as an adult.
talk about the info and take 2 pamphlets.
on the inside I know that this is a high trigger for me.
Fear and anxiety. I let the  memories of  a man  playing  Policeman and telling me to lick his boots to move thru me and beyond me  until the feelings have passed. The Game was Cop and Robber.
I  walk around the store looking and enjoying my shopping experience.
and out the door into a  sun-shiny Day.

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