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  ”  Hope is a thing with Feathers”  

                                                       emily dickenson



I didn’t know what to title this post, it could have been the  , ”  The  Road to Wellville” ( silly)  or…. The Happiness Project ( some thing else) ,  but

The Happiness  Road/ Happiness is the Road   seemed to be  good  middle ground.

” Happiness” is not a  destination nor is ” Wellness” ( ?) some ending

recovery  point,  as if  both were  grand prizes  to be offered

after a long time of working on your stuff and in the mean time, the job is to

suffer along the way of healing.

It is true ( for me)  that healing requires  a  breaking of sorts.

Yes.  There has been anguish along the way.

 and  still   Happiness and Joy are found and experienced  on that  same path.

Joy and Happiness  and Peace   are a   Birthright.

Get on the Happiness Road and claim  your share of the Pie.

















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