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Last night was my second night  on Legislative Plaza with the Occupy Movement.  Much Colder than the night before and i felt it.   Stayed until 11pm\

The spirit of the movement is in the right place and as stated before the  level of organization is superb.

Other organizations are  joining.   I listened to the Immigrant and Refugee Coaltion member talk bout being undocumented in Nashville.  In Alabama the situation is draconian.

There is alot of momentum here and i can see that many folks may be waiting on the sides to see if there is a place at the table for them.

I must think on these things.

am planning to do research today on   Theater of the Oppressed , Politics and Democracy..

over and out,



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      Good Morning !



Have been Busy.   Workmen in the House Painting.

Joining the   ”  Occupy ”  Movement with the ”  Occupy Nashville” Group.

Marching , Occupying and  doing street  theater.

Andy ( who does the ” I am convicted” Blog ”  is presently in N.Y.C with the

Occupy Wall Street Movement. . kudos.

Make it a  Happening.



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