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It’s unusually warm here for Feb, 1  2012/ feels about 60 degrees at  8:16  in the morning. Starting from this last Sunday, I am fostering a small puppy  that was found in a dumpster.

I  joined the Nashville  Tn, Occupy  Movement about a  2 weeks after the Slut Walk.

Of Course, I am a Pacifist and  if there is any Violence on the side of the Occupy Movement in Nashville: I will take time to re-reconsider my involvement with them.

In the mean time, I find them to be good group of diverse  people.  Diversity has its challenges however, I believe that when diverse people  do come together in good faith for dialogue  good is always possible and growth is always the outcome.

I have been fortunate to have met the  Homeless People of Nashville in ways that is different from most opportunities. I have seen my self mirrored in parts of their stories and histories/herstories  and thru sharing parts of mine I have tried to mirror back to them that a good future awaits them.

It is an eye  opener to comprehend that here in the United States we have  young and homeless pregnant women and many homeless teens.

I have more to  write

but look  forward to  such a lovely sunny day !!





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Had been feeling bummed out the last few days.  Excercise  Helps alot and especially walking the dog.  Cheyenne is such a trooper.

I  got to ” Slut Walk Nashville ” a little early and helped them out with putting things up.   For Nashville’s first walk it was quite big and I understand that most of the  information about it was  from Facebook.  There was allot of powerful  and creative  energy there.  The Band was great and  the Facilitators had  gotten Dolly Parton‘s   sister as  a speaker.  She was actually quite good.

There were many from the  GLBT Community and was super good to be part of an inclusive event and to see many 3rd and 4th wave Feminists.

It was a young crowd.  Lots of Dressing up to make a point. Although in retrospect I think the edgy  concept and  provocativeness of  the  walk would have been best served on an unannounced  march  thru a college campus  before  a major party weekend.

I often have to remind myself that  the Mental Health Community’s  acknowledgment, awareness and subsequent  Therapy  for  “sexual abuse”  did not really arrive until the   1980’s.  Families kept dark secrets.  In the 1960’s there were no Rape and sexual abuse Centers, no crisis lines,  and Domestic Violence was not even in the Vocabulary.  There were no safe houses for women.

I am probably going off topic  however,  I’m thinking of the  new T.V  show about the  Playboy BunniesGloria Steinem was a young journalist back then and had gone under cover at a Playboy party and wrote about it in an important essay.   It goes to say that T.V shows about the 1960’s are not about the  real thing but a romanticized version of it .  Its as if it has been packaged nice and pretty for the next generation and then  re-processed for them.

over and out,


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