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It’s unusually warm here for Feb, 1  2012/ feels about 60 degrees at  8:16  in the morning. Starting from this last Sunday, I am fostering a small puppy  that was found in a dumpster.

I  joined the Nashville  Tn, Occupy  Movement about a  2 weeks after the Slut Walk.

Of Course, I am a Pacifist and  if there is any Violence on the side of the Occupy Movement in Nashville: I will take time to re-reconsider my involvement with them.

In the mean time, I find them to be good group of diverse  people.  Diversity has its challenges however, I believe that when diverse people  do come together in good faith for dialogue  good is always possible and growth is always the outcome.

I have been fortunate to have met the  Homeless People of Nashville in ways that is different from most opportunities. I have seen my self mirrored in parts of their stories and histories/herstories  and thru sharing parts of mine I have tried to mirror back to them that a good future awaits them.

It is an eye  opener to comprehend that here in the United States we have  young and homeless pregnant women and many homeless teens.

I have more to  write

but look  forward to  such a lovely sunny day !!





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Went to Bed last night late @   1:am after watching  a good foreign film ” Winter in War  Time” ,  exhausted.   Woke up to a wonderful sight . On my bed  lay my large dog, ” Cheyenne”  ( only a year old now) and  my cat ,  ” Zo-Zo”   together.  Quietly  and Peacefully.  Funny Creatures.

Up with morning Coffee.  Thinking of the day ahead.

Gotta Clean House .

Then to get Flowers  to give to a local Fire  Station .  In  Remembrance and to say thank you for the Community Service and  Work that they provide.  Maybe this year I’ll also do  Donuts or something.

I like to do my 9/11  Meditation and  Thinking at a specific Duncan Donuts on Thompson Lane.   When I was a member of the Peace and Justice Coalition, we had a member named  Ahmed Hassan Al-Uqaily.  Ahmed was from Iraq. I remember him as a quiet man.  He worked at the Duncan Donuts on Thompson Lane.

He had also been invited to our  Congregation  and worked with our  Youth Group. On his Van they had  painted  ” Peace” related Symbols .

From Being around him I knew that he was suffering from a high level of Post Traumatic Stress and that when  the information and pictures of    Abu Ghraib  ere released . It was a  major  Trigger.  I understand that he did take part in a protest down town and  as a member of a Theater Group  stood on the street as the ” Hooded Prisoner”

My emotions were mixed.   He was not a Terrorist nor part of some cell but was an emotionally wrecked man pushed beyond his limitations.  Yes. I believe that entrapment was involved.  On the other hand he was responsible for his actions, and am  grateful that he was stopped before  he might have done any major harm to himself and others.

and so i go to the Donut Den on Thompson  Lane to quietly think of 9/11, the fall out on individuals and groups (  Muslim Americans, Undocumented  Groups,   the individuals that died that day,   Ahmed who is now back in Iraq,  Today present Politics, Economics,   Tom Fox ( Quaker who was be-headed in Iraq and had Nashville links )  and a  Re-dedication  of self and purpose to all of these  spirits .

Tom  Fox    http://waitinginthelight.blogspot.com/

Ahmed A.    http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1241811/posts      

Unitarians     http://www.uua.org/beliefs/

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