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Image by K. Sawyer Photography via Flickr

Was watching the local news  during the week , on a segment on the new techno Pick pockets. ( Picking pockets, identity theft with new technology)   and was remembering way back in the 60’s when my brother was training me to pick pockets up in his room. The Faster the better.  No one  suspect that  a child would  steal.

Me:  I just wanted love and attention even when it was negative.

If. N smoked cigarettes.. I smoked cigarettes. I felt tough and invisible with a cigarette hanging from my mouth, but the truth is I was just an  8 yr old little girl.

I do remember going into a store and stealing  beer for my brother and his friends.

and N. and his friends  broke into their parents houses to steal money for drugs.  On a few occasions I went with them.  (  why he brought me :  I don’t know,  just a crazy-warped  version of Baby-sitting for his baby sister )

This escalated to going down to the streets of NYC ,  It escalated in proportion to my brother ‘s growing drug addiction.



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