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The Courage to Heal

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I feel quite fortunate to have had the resources available to me at the time to continue my  recovery  journey for core issues.  Locally,  nothing was available to survivors of very  severe trauma on an in-patient basis.

With the assistance of a great therapist and studying the resources section of the original, ” Courage to Heal” by Laura Bass and Ellen Davis.  I made great headway in locating  a specialized treatment program in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I took a flying leap and went there via Greyhound  Bus.

            It was an incredible program and I can honestly say that it saved me.

It was there I met people , like myself who had survived the most  atrocious  things from all over the  Country and including ,  Canada.

 Other people who also had family members involved in the  Klan of the 60’s, survivors of  Human Trafficking,  Survivors of  Catholic Orphanage abuse by priests and Nuns,  Ritual Abuse by Off-shoot sects of the Mormon Church,  Ritual Abuse by  Jewish Hasidic  Groups,  people who had family members  from the Military.

   I could look into the face of a man whose  Mother tied him up into a chair and left him for hours  because my brothers friends had tied me up and left me on the floor of his bedroom. Alone.   Words didn’t have to be spoken.  I understood.

          The site of the Program was set up as a  Campus.

Mornings started with a walk to the Meeting House and then to the main building for Breakfast and then to Break-up Groups for the Morning, etc

They were big on experiential learning and had a huge  Ropes Course at the back.   They did  workshops on  coping with extreme flashbacks, etc. It was incredible.

Everything was holistic. No Coffee. No Caffeinated Beverages.  vegetarian Meals,  No T.V

It was the opportunity of a life-time and I was so fortunate to have gone there .

   I had  gone to CottonWood de Albquerque  for its programs for surviviors of extreme abuse  but it went under in 1992, however  another facility in Tuscon remained.  I noticed that  there is a Post traumatic stress program but don’t know if it is the same as the one that i attended.

CottonWood De Tuscon




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