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I  have decided to walk  in the  Slut Walk Nashville after some deliberation  and after it changed its name to:  Survivors of Sexual assault are not to Blame. At first  I wasn’t keen simply because of the  name of the event  and my personal historic connotations that it that it had for me .

I did do some research found that it was a nation wide event .  Support of the event seems to have gone viral and walkers include a large and  diverse crowd.  So in the spirit of what the event is doing,  I decided to attend.

My Hope is that it is rowdy.  I want to be rowdy .  I do not want to walk quietly and  Tame.

I have often wondered if  the public likes/ needs to see  survivors of  sexual  assault to act in a certain  way.   Does the public need see  the ” victim”  so that they can feel separate from and safe.  Safe from the reality that it can impact their lives at any moment.  But,  it is something more too, more important,  that I can’t quite seem to put a finger on.  Hopefully,  I’ll be able to address this after I have experienced the walk next weekend.

The Personal is Political.

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"A little spinner in the Mollohan Mills, ...

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My Great  Uncle David , on my father’s Maternal side was a child laborer  in the  cotton mills  in the early 1900’s in  England.  It’s obvious that I don’t know this as a fact that he was sexually abused –  But  with what I know about him, I do think it is highly likely.

My Father was born in the 1920’s.

My Sister was sexually abused by my Great Uncle David.  She was severely physically abused by my  Father.   Her first Marriage resulted in Domestic Violence and Rape. She has since left some time ago.

My Brother was severely physically abused by my Father. He was also Sexually abused by him too.

I am the youngest  child of 3 siblings.  I was physically abused by my  Father and Brother.  I was also Sexually abused by Both.

My sisters Children grew up in a home with Domestic Violence.

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